Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Voting for Change

Please don't complain about not having time to vote or think about who to elect and then ask me if I watched Duck Dynasty... Here's a quick rundown and a few options

While the PCs and Liberals are providing starkly contrasting views for the province, the NDP are trying to be more centrist. The Green Party has a bold idea to save 1.6 Billion (how many elections could you buy with that?) by consolidating the school systems and eliminating the Beer Store monopoly.  A great summary of all platforms can be found here - take five min

There is one final option. If you really can't align yourself with any of those parties, don't just stay home. Millions of people line up for hours for the ability to vote in barely legitimate elections between despots.  Show up at your polling station, make your civic interest known and then decline your ballot. Declining your ballot is registered as a form of active protest. People who are willing to go to the ballot box and NOT make a choice, will definitely register with our provincial politicians. Whether you want them to focus on other issues, or maybe change the rhetoric, show them that you care about where you live and want to make a choice.

If you write "You all Suck!" on your ballot, that's counted as a spoiled ballot, the same as grandpa who can't colour within the lines.

Take a minute, look at the platforms make a decision and vote. Or register your disapproval. It doesn't take a long time. It's our time to have our voices heard.

Please Vote.

Compare Party Platform

Monday, June 9, 2014

Soylent, Fasting and the Tyranny of Choice

Soylent is getting a ridiculous amount of publicity for an apparently horrible tasting slurry. Why? Is this the iphone or itunes of food products?

I think the excitement around its proposition  can be related to the growing acceptance of fasting. You want to make healthy choices but like all choices it gets tiring. The convenience of processed foods takes over. Hot dogs, chips. Even mass-marketed meal replacements are loaded with sugar and sodium. What can you do?

Enter soylent, it doesn't taste great but it's apparently nutritionally complete. For a quick breakfast/lunch etc

I find the binary simplicity of intermittent fasting to be great. I get myself into an overall calorie deficit. I save time not getting and preparing food; and money not eating it... I don't have to choose between a salad or a sandwich or a burger. Just eat nothing. This is not even considering all the other benefits of fasting, but this one choice for simplicity eliminates others.  More research into willpower shows that reducing choice is often easiest.

Could this be the food revolution the founder wants it to be? Perhaps. Could this help you reduce food choices, some will argue this is destroying food culture and society itself. Just like starving yourself is a bad idea, so would a diet solely of soylent. As with everything, the dose makes the poison.