Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Future of Healthcare

There was a great article in Macleans last week on how medical sensors are close to being sold to consumers. I have a few hypochondriac friends who will be all over this. Beyond that this could have huge implications for our current healthcare system. So much time and cost is put into minor diagnoses with people clogging up clinics and emergency rooms, convinced they have ebola. This could make a huge difference in wait times and unnecessary diagnoses. Imagine being able to check if the bug you have is bacterial and viral.

Will people still want to go to the Dr? Most of the time folks simply want piece of mind. The hospital ER is the best place to rule everything out, but most are willing to clog up a walk-in or their family doctor's office. If you could plug in your smartphone read the throat swab yourself, wouldn't you take that convenience?

"So many great apps who's got time to make friends"-Macklemore

Being able to get more data on your health throughout the day similar to diabetics and the computing power to make the data intelligible is amazing. It's nice to see the incredible computing power available in a smartphone being used for more than bejeweled and other time-killing games.

The Smartphone will see you now

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