Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sorry I don't e-mail

When was the last time you gave someone an email address and they said "Sorry I don't email."

Some folks from a simpler time might not email people. Perhaps they have communications people or assistants for that. However that group is quickly diminishing. There are very few roles that don't benefit from the instant and accessible benefits of electronic mail.Similar there is internet usage, like it or not, Know it or not, everyone uses the internet.  

The same can be said for social media. Maybe not today, but that day is coming very soon. Eventually everyone will be involved with social media. To say you don't "facebook" or use that "Social Media stuff" would be to identify yourself as part of the dwindling minority.

The ability to get your idea or brand, out to millions of people almost instantly is an incredibly powerful tool. The next step to integrating internet culture is less about just how to use the tools, and more about how to use them efficiently and effectively. Different channels offer different advantages depending on your objectives. No one has a tonne of extra time to spend on social media, but handled prudently it's a great way to interact with a large number of people, be it customers, students, team members or fans. Social Media is quickly becoming a skillset that cannot be ignored and is not a role-specific skill. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The car as a mobile (as in moving) docking station

A great post by Andrew McAfee on the technological obsolescence of car gadgets. In a time where keeping a cell phone for more than 2 years feels painfully long, a touchscreen interface in your car can be asking for trouble.

Car companies are trying to use consumer electronic integration as a differentiator.

My car has the nav/dvd/jukebox and I love it. However  I plan on  keeping this car for quite some time. That interface will be quite the antique by then when compared to other consumer electronics. My biggest concern with this car is the battery (hybrid) but second to that is the touchscreen has my climate controls, radio Everything. I would have to replace that screen at who knows how much, and being a 3+ year old car it's unlikely there will be an updated interface.

If cars were to be more modular we'd need some open interface with rules around it for safety purposes.
No movies or attention-grabbing apps should run while the car is docked. Perhaps then car companies could compete on whose car was most open and accessible. For now they provide us with a great flash while selling us a pan we intend to keep for 5 years.