Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Advice on cutting the cords

In the neverending mission to reduce costs, I'm actively researching ways to work solely through the internet.

The main ways i'm looking at it are through
  • increasing my ISP package
  •  using a voip phone service
  • installing an HD antenna
  • setup a media server
  • Subscribing to netflix, hulu plus
  • buying NBA League Pass
  • getting a newsgroup subscription (gasp)
 The last point definitely presents more of a moral dilemma. The content is there it's easy to access, there are no previews to wait through Copyright warnings etc etc that come on the legal material i own. I wonder whether DRM for free content isn't a bad idea. Try before you buy.

I'm pretty sure even with netflix, hulu plus even a proxy service to make it work i'm still going to be better shape than the 180/mth i'm currently paying.

Anyone done it? have suggestions?