Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fundraising Efficiency

No matter what a charity a does, who leads, where it serves, nine times out of ten when it seeks assistance the question posed is:

"What's your efficiency?"

People often expect charities and nonprofits to to have 0 administrative costs which is impossible. This isn't a sustainable practice for any charity looking to make a large impact. There needs to be people dedicated full-time to a worthy endeavour. Few people have the means to make this happen. There have been some disappointing headlines recently about charities with massive golden parachutes and less than stellar visibility.  The efficiency of some large charitable organizations running lotteries and big galas is suspect. While the non-profit sector is not where you should look to get rich, you shouldn't have to live at the poverty-line either.

Enter MoneySense, they looked at the the top charities in Canada in terms of the cost of raising $100. The goal is to provide increased transparency for potential donors. They categorize charities to ensure you're comparing apples-to-apples. With increased confidence that you're money is being put to good use, the hope is that you'll find greater satisfaction in donating your time and talents to charities.

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