Monday, September 13, 2010

Enterprise Consolidation

Some interesting insight on consolidation by lrnr. This was sparked by the acquisition of by Taleo. It seems like a a natural progression given the rest of the market.

An interesting point Ani makes is that enterprise consolidation seems diametrically opposed to the web's social software which takes a more plug and play stance (read: open social). I think this all comes down to the almighty dollar. Enterprise consolidation is all about fully branding customers with a complete "solution". Not leaving an inch in related verticals where a competitor could unseat them. With

Many of the social apps are small startups, looking to join a bustling ecosystem. The best way to do that is to play well with others.

In an enterprise license what should small niche players do? Integrate with a big guy and hope they acquire you? or stay open and adaptable to the entire system? which leaves you vulnerable if the established players decided to build or buy. Working with partners can be tricky. It can be a fine line between leech and symbiote.


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