Monday, December 15, 2008

TSN 2 Disaster!

I'm a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan living in the GTA. I have the misfortune of being a Rogers subscriber. Due to what appears to be a fight over money Raptor games are not being broadcasted for a large percentage of the GTA. Despite the Raptors attempts at making themselves a national team it is still a very urban team. TSN is trying to force new subscribers to TSN2 by pushing content they agreed to put on TSN.

David Purdy of Rogers
We're big fans. We're working on an agreement that makes sense for our shareholders and customers, and we're confident we will see the Raptors' games on Rogers.
read: we think it costs too much and it takes away from our Sportsnet channels.

I am strongly considering the hassle of changing providers. Either way i'm going to get nickel & dimed by whatever provider but if Rogers wants to play like this, then they pay the price. Despite all the raptor games on TSN2 I may not subscribe to it this season. I'll go to a bar, listen on the radio. This sort of behaviour shouldn't be rewarded.

Another blow for the death of customer-service centred organization. I wonder what percentage of the GTA are (or were) Rogers customers? We could create a groundswell against TSN 2.

Next stop: Twitter.

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Don said...

Very true... it's going to take the collective bombardment of every Raptors Fan in Toronto to do something about this ridiculousness...

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