Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still not a gamer - and a new career?

I've got a Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit & Rockband. Yet I can say with confidence that i'm still not a gamer. I bought Top Spin 3 hoping for an even better experience than the basic wii tennis. However, what I got was a video game. The Wiimote is still the focal point, but there's a lot more going. It's more involved in every facet of the game. One could argue it's a normal learning curve ... for a video game. I now realize that i'm not in that same demographic. The reviews on the game were decent but that came from a gamer. I want an experience that I can pick up the game and play with a minimal learning curve. The joy of the current wii games is how I can get others to play and enjoy themselves quickly.

Perhaps I could become a game tester for non-gamers. It would have to be a short test as a lengthy would run the risk of making me a gamer.

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