Monday, September 15, 2008

step away from the bleeding edge

Friends returning from a trip to asia always comment on the archaic nature of the technology here. When one person goes, friends are putting in orders for new phones /cameras etc. Why is it we won't see this technology in N. america for another few years? Those with access to the asian market get to be all superior for "pfft that's soo two years ago". A post on the wikinomics blog argues that it's our fault.

We are satisfied with 3 yr cellphone contracts and 5 yr workstation lifecycles. Many offices run XP desktops connecting to windows 2000 servers. Since we do not demand cutting edge tech we don't get it. We are satisifed with our phones and music players. It's our fault.

I strongly disagree. It's not our fault. I do'nt think it's a fault at all. I would argue that the hyperactive technical obsolescence of asia is not a virtue. Technology for the sake of technology is not something I aspire for. Tossing out a perfectly good piece of technology just because something newer is available seems wasteful.

During a time of increased attention to the idea of sustainability, I think the bleeding edge is something we Should keep at a safe distance.

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