Monday, September 29, 2008

is it Palin's fault?

David's got a good post about the predicament of Sarah Palin. I don't really think it can be placed squarely on her shoulders. Yes she seems grossly overqualified
Palin reminds of the poor unfortunates in a sports draft. Someone thinks that a kid's got potential, or fills a void in the roster and drafts them much earlier than their talent would dictate.
As their career pans out they're booed and tormented by fans because they're just not that good.

I think Palin is very similar. She appeared to be perfectly complimentary to McCain, young & female. Except there was one other compliment : incompetence (perhaps not so complimentary depending on your party lines). Now it appears to be a knee-jerk decision to steal the clinton camp.

Just like the athletes, it's not their fault they were selected. Most overrated athletes didn't ask to have a team built around them, it wasn't their choice. They were selected in the draft and given a big fat contract and opportunity. If the Republican party approached you tomorrow and said "we've changed our mind we'd now like you to be the next vice-president of the united states" - would you say no? I don't think I would. It really is the opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps you're not ready or qualified, but by the time you are; they may not want you.

Opportunity knocks, but didn't call ahead.

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