Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Better ROI

The Learning Circuits Blog: Do Better

The ASTD's Big Question of April 2008 is:

What would you like to do better as a learning professional?
A very broad question that could go in so many different directions. To me it's a simple question. I need to be able to sell the ROI on learning better. Large userbase, wide geography, cost of travel, logistics are the standard selling points. This comes all down to cost. So long as it's cheaper than a classroom program it's better.

The value of e-learning is much more than a cost-savings issue. Interactive, engaging content available just-in-time is a very valuable resource. How can we as professionals impress that across our organizations? Often I work with new rollouts. Being a new initiative there isn't concrete evidence that support calls are up, people are having difficulty. I can't come back one year later and show how calls have gone down, thus performance is up.

I suppose I should be grateful that users aren't being left to fend for themselves from the outset. Users are provided with tools. However, since we've always had the tools it's difficult to understand life without them. The value becomes an unknown quantity.User surveys don't bring insight as users don't know what they don't know (yet). In the end I'm left with this question:

How can I better impress the value of eLearning across the organization?


Tony Karrer said...

Really good question. It's been asked many times, but it's still hard to answer, I wonder why that is?

Shaun said...

Learning is so intangible, in our society where you must defend every line of your budget and justify everything, intangibles fall through the cracks.