Wednesday, March 19, 2008

potential versus profits

Last week, Gerald Green of the Houston Rockets was cut from the team. Amidst their amazing win streak they needed to get bigger in Yao's absence. In his place they got Mike Harris, the antithesis of Green. Hardworking, hustler, takes nothing for granted.

Some were quick to point to Green's Prep to Pros path as the cause. "If he only went to college" perhaps he could've refined his game, upped his basketball IQ and become something really special. He never fulfilled all the hype. He made a massive slide in the draft itself, because of questions surrounding his work-ethic.

So do you fault him and his agent, family etc for not going to college first? What about the millions he made on his rookie contract. He might have gone to college, and been revealed, and Never drafted. Should he have turned it down and gone to college?

Why shouldn't he cash in when given the chance? If the NBA continues to devalue skill over potential then that's their fault.

If it were me, given the opportunity- even if I knew I had big gaping holes in my game, i take that shot. I go to the league, I take that massive cheque. Wouldn't you? Nothing's stopping him from going to college now, getting an education using that rookie money. He could also play overseas which could renew his love and drive to play the game.

For his sake I really hope he gets it together to realize some of that incredible potential.

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