Friday, February 1, 2008


Much is made of the power of the people in blogging. Now there's microblogging like twitter. Twitter enables you to post brief (< 140 chars) messages to the twitter universe. The social aspect is that users can follow whoever they please. Following a person means you want to receive any updates they post. Thanks to it's API you can use twitter through a web page, mobile and even IM. In a nutshell, your IM or Facebook status is now an entire application in itself.

Similar to blogging, one wonders, what's the point? Is the fact that I finally built those shelves in the garage of concern to anyone? I'm stuck in traffic - who cares? In this ultra-connected time where we have so much information at our fingertips -how can we prioritize and validate sources of information? How can we filter information better? We have friends we trust and value their opinions. Using social networks we validate information for each other. All sorts of recommendations on links, websites and applications. Blogging enables people to share insights and ideas. If I'm looking for a particular service I could throw a question out and get a response within minutes.

Going back to my shelves, let's say a friend is planning on putting up shelves in their own garage. They contact me directly to gain advice on insight on how they should proceed. Stuck in traffic on the DVP? good to know, I'll go down Bayview instead. Twitter enables instant messaging in an open forum. There's that open word again. Instead of messaging a friend, you message the world. You're real-time broadcasting from any computer or net-connected device. Are all updates that worthwhile? Probably not, but it allows us to stay connected over the large net expanse. That's the whole point of this whole social media revolution.

Twitter is definitely still in it's infancy, but there appears to be a groundswell. It might still be too early to tell if micro-blogging will catch on. I think it will, but the tools will need to mature. Searching & filtering must and will improve. From a little poking around, I get the impression that many people have visited and left. I don't think this is too far ahead of it's time, but it is ahead of the curve.

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