Thursday, February 21, 2008

sometimes it's better to just shut up

In any technical environment it's very common that the most technically sound individuals are given leadership roles. There should be two career paths. One for leaders of people and one for leaders of technology. Technically brilliant individuals should be recognized for their efforts and hardwork. However, recognizing the one talent at the expense of the team and its goals is not worthwhile. This is what can happen when technical individuals become managers.

The need to display one's technical supremacy comes at a cost. When the cost is de-motivating the members of the team - that cost is too high. I've often looked at ideas and thought about adding my own spin on it. I did add some value, but then the person with the original idea doesn't feel the same ownership. Might they have worked harder and come to the same conclusion on their own? Seems like a solid growth opportunity. The leader must sublimate himself or herself for the greater good.
Achievement is about me. Leadership is about them.-unknown

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