Friday, July 6, 2007

off the grid

Imagine turning Out-of-office on, turning off the cellphone,
grabbing a few books and just going.
Imagine just sitting around and being quiet (can be pretty hard to do)

Imagine not being constantly bombarded with some Critical piece of information that you must pay attention to for the next 45 seconds until the next piece comes.

The whole idea of going off the grid is a wonderful concept for me. Except for my allergy to just about everything, going camping, visiting a cottage/cabin is awesome. Being enslaved to a little envelope in the bottom right corner of my screen, or a vibrating piece of plastic in my pocket is quite pitiful.

On our honeymoon, the cottage didn't have cable, or a phone line - we didn't even have neighbours. When it's a bad thing you're "isolated", but if you're at peace with yourself it's "solitude".

Haven't been camping in two years. Probably only going car camping, but it's a start. The raccoon cooing isn't all that peaceful but whatever.

Just imagine.